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Before and After Pictures
Bright colours like your RED's require alittle more care than your whites and silvers.

Cairns tropical harsh heat is nasty to paintwork. Your beautiful, bright happy red can go a crappy faded pink very quickly if not looked after. We call this sun damage. Like people, if your a 'whitey' and dont apply your sunscreen and get sunburnt, your going to burn, blister and eventually peel. Paint is no different.

If you apply Polish to your paintwork this will act as a sunscreen protection for a good 6-12mths.


Dark Colours such as your Purples, Blacks, Dark Greens, Dark Blues (you get the picture) typically need extra attention and care. At Express Detailing we like to have a look at these colours before we agree to doing services such as a Cut n Polish as these 'Dark Colours' have a tendancy to swirl. Your paintwork will look fantastic immediately but after a few washes you might be disappointed with the end result. Check out the purple ute we fixed....

Ummm, its alittle bit dirty....

Another Character Building Clean with a successful outcome and another happy Customer! Check out our Before and After shots of this ute......
The 'Mummy Car' Cleans ...

Us poor mums, we dont get the cute little 2 door sports car, we get the fun buses with lots of seats and plenty of places to stick things..

Check out the Before and During cleans on this Kia Carnival - Looking a little kiddy trashed but scrubbed up a treat.

This little Getz had had a hard life to say the least! This was given to Express Detailing with the words....
'Do the best you can with it..'
We stripped it completely back to bare metal, scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until eventually we could see the colour of the carpet and the patterns on the seat fabric. This took a few days of cleaning but just take a look at the before and after pics and see for yourself, you would never never know ..

WOW..Can you make this nice again....pleeeasse?

This vehicle had a hard life to say the least. An Ex mine vehicle bought at auction was brought to us with a hope of bringing it back to some sort of normal. With a whole lot of scrubbing and alittle swearing we started to see floor, ceiling and realised that it should be light grey underneath all the muck.. more scrubbing, more swearing and magic happened! Before and Afters can tell you the rest of the story!

WE call these type of vehicles "Character Building Experiences'

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